Thursday 17 January 2013

Custom Focus and Customer Centricity in Consultancy and Support

Custom Focus and Customer Centricity in Consultancy and Support

Swapna Sundar, CEO, IP Dome

 Our team began the New Year with the resolution to become more customer focussed and customer-centric.

We defined customer focus as understanding and connecting to the client and becoming an integral part of the growth process of his company. Customer-centricity was defined as understanding the requirements of the project currently at hand, its potential to improve the sustainable competitive advantage of the company, and the urgency or speed at which a designated professional service must be provided in order to add the greatest value to the project.

Mr.Sadasivan, of T.T.Srinath consultants provided us with the preliminary input towards the customer focus. In a four-hour long interactive session with our team, Sadasivan took us through lectures, critical inputs and role-plays into the mind of our client. We explored the challenges and goals of the independent inventor, the innovator, the inventor-entrepreneur and the start-up entrepreneur with an innovative product. Sadasivan through his inimitable style created an opportunity for us to understand our client’s enthusiasm for and faith in his product and idea, and how we could tap into his/her creative powers to provide the best IP solutions. 

The final role-play session helped us to view from the client’s side the financial challenges of seeking IP protection versus the risks in not protecting a novel idea. The follow-up session is scheduled for the third week of February.

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