Thursday, 14 March 2013

Moving Ideas to Markets at Veda Semantics

-Ganesh Subramanian, IP Dome
First – Invest Early to Protect Ideas

eMudhra provides secure communication solutions for mobile and web applications. Since 2008, Taxsmile, an eMudhra flagship product, is widely used by thousands of Indians to file their taxes online. In 2009, eMudhra approached IP Dome to protect and brand its ideas relating to secure communication and semantic applications. Veda Semantics (hereinafter Veda) is eMudhra's venture in semantic technology. Veda applications collect and organize unstructured data repositories to present superior information content for mobile and web applications.

"I would like the message to contain a link to the site with the full judgement."

-A leading lawyer at High Court of Madras

Next – Products Must be Tailored

Veda continues to develop tailored solutions for lawyers, doctors, accountants, recruiters and other professionals. Veda's products comprise Veda msg, Veda txt, Veda mobinary and Veda eXbrl, all of which use semantic technology to return contextual information that can be superior to traditional keyword based search. Veda msg, for example, provides lawyers with updates on the latest Indian case law on the subject of their choosing. Veda obtained patent protection for its technologies in India and Africa. Trademark protection was obtained in India, Africa and the United States.

 "it is a good input on the go and since the section is mentioned it is possible to search it and use it"

Ganapatheeswaran, Advocate, High Court of Madras
Lessons from Veda

By investing  early in protecting its ideas, Veda was  able to best adapt its products and services at the product development stage. Later, in the process of filing its patents, it perfected its product mix. Other important information such as knowledge about its competitors was made discoverable via a prior art search. On the other hand, startups with poor understanding of user or market needs, risk failure.

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