Thursday, 17 October 2013


-Lt Col CR Sundar
It is now clear to all of us that much of the news media, be it the news papers or television channels, are in the hands of those who are inimical to the idea of a united India and more so to the continued existence of a strong Indian Armed Forces. Therefore it is obvious that our ideas are not likely to be published and publicized by the media.

          So what should we do? A few years back there was nothing that could be done about it. But in this ‘internet era’ we are not so handicapped. We can each run our own media on the net. However, we need to understand how best to use this free-of-cost opportunity.

          I have given some simple suggestions below.

          Whenever you get an idea put it down in the form of a small essay. We have all been taught in school that a composition should have an introduction, a main body and a conclusion. It would not be difficult for us to do this in 300 to 400 words.

          Once you are ready send it to all your mailing list. But if your mailing list is not proper all your bulk mail will end up as spam. How then can we have a proper mailing list?

          When you receive a mail check the mailing list. Many people send their entire mailing list with their mail. Copy the list and paste it on a blank MS Word page. Remove all additional detail and retain just the email addresses.

          Now send your mail to 50 addressees at a time using ‘gmail’. When you have sent to 250 recipients look in your inbox. Some of your mail would have bounced. Open another ‘gmail’ window and go to ‘contacts’. In this window delete the bounced addresses.

          Now you have to create groups. A group should not contain more than 250 addresses. How is this done? Scrawl down the left panel of ‘contacts’ window and find ‘Other Contacts’. Click that and now click ‘new group’. Create a group eg. ‘Alfa’. Put all the ‘Other Contact’ in ‘Alfa’. Repeat the process to create more groups. You may have as many groups as fancy; there is no limit to the number of groups.

          Now, using these groups you can send mails to 250 recipients at a time. But there is a limit of 1000 mails per day. Once you have sent a 1000 mails you have to wait for 24 hours before you can send the next batch.

          Do not use your media ‘gmail’ address for discussions or for banter. News papers do not discuss. They just put out stories and keep moving. Follow the same principle. Whatever you put out let it be a full article.

          Thus over a period of time you will get your ideas through.


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