Thursday 8 March 2012




IP Dome focus seminar on ‘IP in IT’ in association with MSME-DI Chennai, conducted on 24th February, 2012, received much positive feedback from the participants which encourages us to continue with such programmes in the future.

Jayashree Selvam, Patent Analyst, IPR CELL, Anna University said that she found the technical sessions by Swapna Sundar and PVS Giridhar very useful for her work.

Mr. Anwer Basha, Infosystems Pvt. Ltd., said “this kind of seminar should be repeated in intervals of two to three months for awareness.

Mr. Harish Chowdhary, Lawyer and consultant was pleasantly surprised at the presence of our valedictory speaker, the dynamic Dr. Santhosh Babu, former IT Secretary, Govt. of TN. He also enjoyed the interactive session.

Mr. Vinoth kumar, Software Engineer, Accenture found that he had received a lot of useful information on IP which he could transmit to his colleagues and friends. Deepu Nair, Director, Oceans Machine Supply agrees with Mr. Vinoth Kumar.

Several participants mentioned that the sessions were well thought out and well-designed to communicate and over-all understanding of the use of IP in the IT industry.

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