Tuesday 15 May 2012

World IP Day

World Intellectual Property Day
(Report on IP Day Celebrations 26th April, 2012)
-Jagathis, IP Dome

S.A. Engineering College celebrates World IP Day

This April 26th, IP Dome went to S.A.Engineeringcollege, Thiruverkadu, to celebrate World Intellectual Property Day with students of M.Sc. Computer Science, and M.E.Biotechnology.
The Principal of the College and the Head of Department of Management Studies of the college addressed the students in the inaugural session.
The theme of this year’s celebration was ‘Visionary Innovators’. To introduce the topic we invited Mr.Shiyaam Sundar, individual Business Consultant who in 40 minutes established the difference between incremental innovation and visionary innovation through informal interaction and jovial bi-lingual (English and Tamil) discussion. Mr.Shiyaam Sundar released our IP Day poster which created enthusiasm among the students to create posters for the next world IP Day. 

Swapna Sundar, CEO, IP Dome, used an innovative slide presentation to introduce the engineering students to different forms of IP. Using well-known paintings, technologies and case studies, she took the students through the creation, protection and monetisation of IP. 

Watch the IP Day Celebrations video at 



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