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Successful research activity relies on the development of ideas, the ability to protect and execute these ideas, and the commercialization of the inventions. In the evolving innovation ecosystem of India, IITm has a crucial role to play given the superior research capabilities of the faculty, and the branding of the Institute that attracts lucrative and industrial significant sponsored research opportunities. In order to properly manage research activities towards developing innovative solutions to the problems faced by the industry and addressing the future needs of the people of India requires a clear and cogent IP Strategy.

For many educational and research institutes, developing an IP strategy and managing their portfolio of IP assets is a major challenge. In order to successfully create opportunities for innovation and growth, it is essential for the researcher team as well as the Institute to understand the IP landscape in the domain and the trend that the technology is taking. Collaborative research with industry partners for cutting-edge research depends both on the brand of the Institute, and the ability of the team to deliver technologies that can be taken to the market in the shortest possible time. Researchers with a good understanding of the market where the demand for products based on the patent comes from, and knowledge of the ability of industry to develop the invention into products, have greater opportunity to protect and leverage their IP towards profitable commercialization.

The IP SMART Strategy workshop for researchers is designed to provide knowledge and information in a clear and interactive format, addressing the following questions:

 How can IP be designed for commercialization?
 How can a researcher speed up the process of technology translation?
 How can a researcher increase the value of his invention?
 How can different types of IP be deployed with synergyr?
 How to design a legal strategy and craft appropriate contracts for maximizing the revenue potential of the IP generated?

The workshop is also intended to demonstrate the important concepts and useful tools and frameworks designed to build and implement an elegant IP Strategy.

More details available shortly...!

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