Saturday, 17 August 2013



A survey of IP awareness and utility was conducted in Coimbatore city between May and July 2013 by Mr. R. Manoj, MBA marketing student from PSG Institute of management in collaboration with IP dome. Responses were received from various industries such as education, food and soaps, textiles etc., in and around Coimbatore. The response given by these industries shows that they have insufficient awareness or knowledge about IP in their field, as a result of which they are unable to use IP to their advantage.

Nearly 60 companies participated in the survey. The questionnaire contains about 13 analytical questions, designed to elicit information about the level of IP knowledge among the respondents. The response from them demonstrates that they do not intend to use IP for protecting and promoting their brands. However, they are focused on developing their business without piracy and infringement by competitors.

Some companies in the industrial and manufacturing sectors were aware that the processes and designs they are using may be protected by third-party IP but are not intending to license the IP from the IP owners. They do not fear infringement action from the IP owner.

Smaller service and product companies such as oil sellers, travel agencies, and retail shops (all kinds) are not ready to show interest in IP but are very satisfied that customers can easily identify them by their goods or services. They also rely on a good personal relationship with their customers.

This survey gives you adequate details about the awareness and utilization of IP among the local companies of Coimbatore city. Complete response of the participants is with us, to get the full details, please write to Mr. Hari Prasad at

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